DITSWBS will help you compartmentalize your journey:

Getting milk from the store to building Eiffel tower can be broken down to steps. But so many things can happen on the way... Are you ready?

Some can work from anywhere

There is an opportunity to setup a new office abroad... Are you ready?

Feeling isolated from the world

Things are moving fast and actions are timely... Are you ready?

AI, Robots, and Batteries are evolving at a pace never seen before

But we live lives that are shaped by second world war. Are you feeling anxious?


There is a lot of hype about synthetic building blocks which creates a big misconseption about artificial intelligence. When we don't even really know what that really means.


They have been around for a while and current generation is not phased by marvel of your waching machine. But when you put AI to have extension through physical constructs like Robots, then this becomes a game changer.


Ideas of AI joining forces with Robots to create a paradigm shift is not new either. Batteries are becoming the engine to make this possible. And that is the real paradigm shift. And when all three grow at a pace that we see now this will be cause for reallignment. We can help.

Life of the forth kind

This last idea is more abstract but it is a byproduct of AI, Robots and Batteries. First came walking, then came animal domestication, and cars. What is next? There seems to be agreement that what's next is mobility on demand, even if you no longer can...

Are you ready to continue your quest?

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